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Due to the excellent chemical and mechanical properties that epoxy possesses, a work of durability and resistance is guaranteed. If you are considering epoxy resin countertops, Master Epoxy Atl has extensive experience applying or installing epoxy resin countertops and can help you make and customize them.


Epoxy resin can be the best option for remodeling your floor, since it is cheaper, resistant and completely customizable. It has a quick application on almost any type of floor. Also, Epoxy resin has a very good leveling, it is capable of covering imperfections in the floor, and its self-leveling power creates a perfectly smooth surface.


We apply epoxy resin in showers, vanities and tubs. Thanks to the advantages that this brings with it, it is easy to clean since the surface is smooth and homogeneous. It is also resistant and waterproof which is perfect in a place like the bathroom. Finally, the versatility that this material brings, you can choose a glossy or matte finish with the colors of your preference to create the design of your dreams.


In Master Epoxy we do work with wood, or any other material if you want a remodeling with a resin finish from the beginning. We help you with the preparation and the application of the resin to have a perfect result.

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